CFISD Community Cheerleader Spotlight: Cyndi Matteson

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As the third-largest school district in Texas and the largest employer in Northwest Harris County, Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District impacts the lives of far more than the 115,000 students and thousands of teachers, employees and administrators across 88 elementary, middle and high school campuses and special program facilities that study and work within our walls. In fact, we’re proud that as a top-rated school district, the work we do within our school system extends beyond the schools and permeates within our neighborhoods and businesses, making the greater Cypress-Fairbanks community a better place to work, live, study and play. The Cypress-Fairbanks community excels because of our CFISD cheerleaders; the individuals and businesses that invest in and support our students and community at large.

Today, we highlight Cyndi Matteson, a global volunteer and member of the Volunteers in Public Schools (VIPS) Executive Board. In her spare time, she enjoys mentoring more than five students at five different CFISD schools.


Retired, sales management at US Foodservice

How long have you lived/worked in Cypress-Fairbanks?

10 years

Why are you so passionate about being a part of the Cypress-Fairbanks community?

The CFISD community has allowed me the ability to “give back” to kids of all ages in several of the schools. I supported my own child in his CFHS activities while also being able to help in so many areas like hospitality, many school VIPS opportunities and mentoring.

How has Cypress-Fairbanks ISD impacted you, your family or your business?

This district has allowed me to become involved in so many areas now that I am retired. I love being a global volunteer and traveling around the district meeting new people and helping out wherever there is a need. I’m blessed to be a part of many students lives as a mentor too.

What piece of advice would you like to give to Cypress-Fairbanks ISD students?

Each student has so many opportunities to excel and be all that they can be and never feel like they don’t have the support of the teachers and staff in their school. The resources, both during school as well as after school, within this district are exceptional and need to be taken advantage of by each student for growth and valuable experience.

What’s your favorite thing to do, see, eat or experience in our community?

I enjoy being outside walking or biking the many trails around the community with my family and friends. Having been in the food service/restaurant industry for 25-plus years, I enjoy checking out all the great restaurants, especially the new ones, that are all over the Cypress area.

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